Starc Mantova presents: VERSIONE GOLD 2



GOLD is the colour of this year too!

GOLD is the precious metal!

GOLD is the sparkling gift we have for you!

We are introducing to you this new special number of “Versione”!

VERSIONEGOLD is the special edition of VERSIONE edited whole in English. It is the result of our strong desire to reach not only our Italian-speaking friends but also those who speaks a different language! After a selection among the many articles written in our, your mainly, magazine — from number 7 to number 12 — we translated them for you! The result is unique, so VERSIONE becomes, in this edition, an elegant collection of cultural articles, tailored in a minimal graphic, a sophisticated and precious succession of black and white images.

The bigger the effort, the bigger the enthusiasm of being able to prepare for you this special gift. Together with the wish to keep running this project for a long time in the future. We also want to remind you the appointment with a completely renewed VERSIONE 14, which is going to be edited next March!

VERSIONEGOLD 2 is a unique jewel, which we are proud to present to all of you in the occasion of a special event organized for the holidays wishes. News coming soon! There you are finally having the chance to pick up your copy! You cannot miss it!

Clicking on the image at the top of the article, you can finally browse through  “Versione” GOLD. Opened the link, we advise you to launch the full-screen mode (bottom right icon) to fully enjoy the magazine.

Enjoy the reading and good fun,

Starc Mantova


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